Are you ready to manage your content ideas better?

"If only finding content for my business is easier… I’ll be less stress and more motivated to create content."

Access Content Vault and stop wasting time scrolling social media to find content ideas for your business.

“I nak buat business, bukan nak jadi content creator” - pernah terfikir macamni tak?

Penat asyik-asyik, nak kena fikir content idea. Pergi mana-mana kena fikir content, and that’s not the life I signed up for.

If you are a business owner, you know that content is one of the marketing tool to talk about your product, so that your customer know you and your business exist.

So, of courselah tiap-tiap bulan you kena fikir pasal content. Cari idea baru, perah creativity juice untuk bagi content tu nampak menarik dan harap orang berminat nak tengok.

Yea, I know, it’s hard, and it’s tiring, and it’s kinda boring, especially when it starts getting repetitive.

But we have to do it over and over again, we need to make this easier for us, agree?

Are you a business owner that..

I had the same problem too! Bila asyik kena buat content yang banyak setiap bulan, makin lama, makin susah nak fikirkan idea untuk tarik perhatian audience I.

And on top of that, I saved my content ideas everywhere, kat Evernote, dalam IG saved folder, Tik Tok liked and saved folder, Telegram group, merata-rata ada idea yang I simpan.

But bila nak recreate content, tak jumpa dah idea yang I save tu, tak ingat letak kat mana, or sometimes, lupa nak check balik apa yang I dah save. Can you feel my pain?

Nak cari idea dah la susah. Tapi bila system tak ada, content tu ada merata2.

And bila nak plan content apa nak buat, pening nak cari content idea, sebab content kat merata-rata tempat.

Last2, tak buat pun content tu.

If you can relate to this, I can feel your pain, too.

What if, there’s a way to fix this?

I need something more systematic to make this easier for me...

I was really frustrated about my all over the place content ideas and I know I need to find a more systematic process, dimana memudahkan I untuk refer back my ideas and at the same time, mudah untuk add on new ideas.


Content Vault

Ultimate content management for your business

What is Content Vault?

Content Vault is a platform you can use to add content ideas, find ready to use ideas and reduce your brainstorming session.

What if you can….

Find content ideas khas untuk business you yang you boleh tiruvasi

Simpan content-content yang you jumpa semua kat satu tempat je

Open an apps dan ada content ideas untuk feed, story, live and reel

Brainstorm content ideas dan simpan kat satu tempat saja

Are you excited by just the thought of this?

What will you gain from Content Vault?

Content Vault is a platform designed to help business owner setup a simple system for content ideas and manage idea better.

Here’s what you get access to inside Content Vault


200+ Ready to use content ideas for headline, feed, caption, story, reel & live Add any content ideas in the folder you want for easy access

Tick off any used content so that you’re not repeating the same content

Content Calendar templates you can download and add in your content ideas for your content planning


200+ Reel content ideas for different types of business for your inspiration

Create your own private folders to add your own content ideas based on your personal preferences

Updated fresh content ideas and trending content updated so you don’t have to find on your own

This is the ultimate content management system you can use to save you time and to keep yourself inspired and creative to create your own content for your business


RM 119

I get it, maybe you terfikir... “Do I really need this?"

If you buat business, you already know how important content is for your brand.

Kalau tak buat content, orang tak tahu kewujudan you, tak ingat brand you, atau tak terfikir nak membeli.

Content adalah kerja marketing yang perlu berjalan secara berterusan.

If you struggle untuk relatekan idea dengan business, I sediakan content idea mengikut macam2 jenis business (skincare, makeup, takaful, finance, photography, supplement etc) dan we will keep adding more content ideas and business based on your future feedback.

If you rasa macam you tak ada masa nak cari idea, you can easily open Content Vault and find some inspiration.

So why wait and remain stress pasal content ideas? This is your chance to make this easier for you and your business.

Still on the fence?

I get it, maybe you rasa you are okay with your current way of storing your content ideas.

And you’re not even sure if this course is worth your time and investment.

Here’s what other business owner have to say:

"Sangat mudah untuk refer back ideas. Biasanya if kita sekadar save favourite save idea in IG, but we tend to forgot and jauh nak scroll balik."


"Sangat berguna untuk newbie yang nak create content sebab sangat mudah nak faham dan guna."


"I think it’s already good enough because semua dalam satu apps, everything is VERY organized & clean. Mudah untuk cari content idea sebab sebelum ni I don't have much time for scrolling ideas."


"Sebelum ni I tak reti nak relate kan idea yang I jumpa dengan my business. After guna Content Vault, content I lebih specific and relateable. I suka Reel Content Library sebab mudah nak cari content."



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Content Hub is a Trello template so you will get one version to duplicate to make it yours. Reel content library is updated monthly and you’ll get access for 6 months.

Your access to Reel Content Library is automatically expire, unless you renew your subscription

You can access Content Vault through Desktop, tablet/Ipad or Phone apps.

Due to the feature required for Content Vault to perform best, you need to download TRELLO (Content Hub) and BUBLUP (Reel Content Library)

We only allow registered email to get access to Content Vault. Unauthorized email will be automatically removed without notice.

Disebabkan ini adalah digital product, tiada refund akan diberikan atas sebarang sebab.

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