Are you struggling to create consistent and compelling content?

Join Instagram Growth Mastery, an online program designed to help you consistently create engaging and relevant content for your business while attract and retain customers.

Does this sound like you?

If you rasa boleh relate dengan ayat2 ni,  you are not alone!

Dah tak rasa burnout untuk buat content.

I usually create content immediately before posting, tanpa faham purpose, janji post je. After IGM, I optimized my IG, I dah clear dengan niche I, dan I mula batch my contents, kalau tak memang I akan burnout. Sales i also increase from RM14k to RM28k in 2022!

Sarah @thesarahmajid



80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow on social media.

The question is, are they following you? And… are they buying from you?

Maybe you dah cuba semua ni:

You dah try macam-macam, tapi somehow, still susah nak bagi orang nampak kewujudan brand you, apatah lagi untuk stand out dari competitor.

Adakah ni yang you cuba capai:

If you are struggling right now, I feel you. Because, I’ve been there.

I pun macam you jugak dulu. I went through benda yang sama. Masa I mula-mula decided untuk buat personal branding and develop a proper content strategy for my business, I have no idea what to do and where to start, semua benda I main langgar je.

Well, actually, I assume I dah buat macam-macam. And I ingatkan dah banyak dah I buat.

Masatu, memang sedih, and I asked  kat mana salah I? I dah buat content, tapi kenapa tak nampak result? Kenapa takde follower baru? Kenapa takde orang engage?

I sampai rasa I syok sendiri je buat content, I feel like I did everything, but i still tak nampak any clear result.

And I was so afraid that my business takkan grow and stuck macamtu.

Turned out, I lacked the confidence and knowledge to figure it out. Itu sahaja.

I know that I’m not going to give up on my business, so I focus untuk belajar dan tried all sort of techniques, frameworks and methods to find what work for me.

So I went through a lot of trial and error and learn, and adjust, and in less than a year, my engagement rate naik 134% and it kept growing!

Orang mula tengok content I, resonates with my message, and follower I mula naik dan naik dan naik.

My account grew sooo fast after I tahu how to create the right content strategy that worked for me and my business and how to stay consistent while serving my audience.

And after all the hard work I put in, my account finally reached 40,000 follower, which I tahu, I takkan dapat sekiranya I tak push through masa account I hanya ada 3,000 follower.

Almost everyday dapat follower baru

I start dengan follower 1.2k and now dah 2.7k, semua ni 100% organic from content yang I buat. I gained follower after buat reel, carousel dan my content dapat reached yang tinggi. Now almost everyday I dapat followers baru. I banyak try and error dan bila nampak result I makin naik, I tengok content mana yang dapat tarik audience and I keep buat content yang relatable to my followers.

Raha @raha_babyfood

Babyfood Agent

I realized that ANYONE can grow on social media, if you ada knowledge and tool to help you figure out your way. And I saw how much impact content and personal branding had in my own business

And I get it, tak semua business nak spend kat ads, and selagi boleh, kita patut minimize marketing cost kita. 

That’s why, I created this program, to help you do the same. I want you to use social media to build authority, get engaged audience and increase sale for your business.

And more than a 1000+ business owner has learnt from IGM, which I’m so blessed to see their growth & progress, hasil dari hard work masing-masing.


This could be you…

People love your content

Everytime you post content, engagement masuk dengan loyal follower

Follower keep increasing

Orang yang berminat dengan content you dan product/service you mula munculkan diri dan jadi follower you

Create content secara consistent

You dapat show up on social media secara consistent without the stress of creating content everyday


Instagram Growth Mastery

A guide to grow organically using content strategy and personal branding

Instagram Growth Mastery adalah satu online program yang I develop untuk bantu usahawan show up secara consistent, grow their follower and build engaged audience.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to

Develop your own content strategy for your business

You akan develop your own strategy menggunakan framework yang i share dalam module ni

Create better content that generate return on investment (ROI)

Start getting the follower, engagement and sales that you need from your content by knowing what to measure

Build your personal brand effectively

You tahu apa yang you kena buat untuk setiap step along your journey. No more guessing game, just do the exercise I laid out for you dan take action

Show up intentionally on Instagram

Stop sharing content that doesn’t bring you joy or the sales you need for your business.

I can truly said I dapat apply everything yang Keret ajar.

I love the fact that I dapat fully fahamkan module yang Keret ajar sebab I boleh go through banyak kali. The amazing part is, I boleh pause, I boleh layan anak kejap, and at the end of the day, I fully can apply each and everything yang Keret ajar. Follower I naik from 2.3k to 3.3k dalam masa 2 bulan. Bila I show up dalam story, view I naik dari 100 and now, easily I boleh dapat 400 views. Dari situ I tahu ilmu Keret ajar sangat valuable. I tak jumpa lagi guru yang boleh ajar dalam keadaan yang sangat teratur.

Naza @nazayusof

Founder Sang Bulu & Stockist AlhaAlfa & Quantum Metal

But, IGM is not for everyone.

Let’s be clear on who is this for and who it’s not for.

Siapa yang sesuai untuk join Instagram Growth Mastery (IGM)?

IGM  is designed to help business owner yang nak gunakan low cost marketing strategy untuk grow dalam Instagram.

Not everyone would benefit from Instagram Growth Mastery.

Who are not fit for IGM?

When you said yes, that means you are willing to:

To spend less on ads

Put more effort to become your customer’s clear choice

Work to produce more engaging content

Serve people on another level and not focus only on selling

What You'll Learn

There are 2 core modules inside Instagram Growth Mastery, Content Strategy Blueprint and Personal Brand Blueprint


Module content yang focus untuk bantu you dalam content strategy untuk grow di Instagram.


Fundamental of growing on Instagram

This module cover the roadmap to grow organically on Instagram. Module ni akan bantu you faham secara keseluruhan apa yang you perlu buat untuk grow dalam Instagram.


What to Post

Module ni akan cover everything you need to know berkenaan apa yang you perlu post di FEED, REEL, STORY dan LIVE. Need tips for any type of content? Refer this module.


What to Say

Module ini focus pada copywriting untuk caption dan video untuk REEL, STORY dan LIVE. You juga akan belajar macamana nak structure your video dengan lebih baik untuk tarik perhatian audience you.


How to Plan

Step by Step on how to plan your content so that you can stay consistent and remove stress when creating content.

This is the most important module untuk business owner yang selalu stress bila fikir pasal content.


How to Create

Module ni akan focus kepada content creation untuk bantu berikan you contoh dan tutorial untuk pelbagai jenis content seperti poster, video dan flatlay, great to get you started with the necessary skill and tools.


How to Convert

Dalam module ini, I akan share tips dan strategy untuk bantu you dapatkan return on investment (ROI) dari content yang you create. You akan tahu cara untuk audit content you sendiri untuk improve future performance.


Module content yang focus untuk bantu you develop personal brand untuk kuatkan trust di Instagram.


Basic to Personal Brand

Learn the basic fundamental of personal brand. Pilih jenis personal brand yang sesuai untuk you apply dalam business you, influencer or spokesperson.


2A : Influencer Blueprint

I design module ni khas untuk step by step for Influencer, dimana you nak bina personal brand untuk tarik traffic ke business IG, ataupun nak menjual di IG yang sama. Hanya perlu go through salah satu, mengikut jenis personal brand yang you dah pilih di Module 1.

2B : Spokesperson Blueprint

Sama seperti module 2A, tapi module ni khas untuk you sekiranya you pilih jenis Spokesperson. I pecahkan module mengikut step by step untuk Spokesperson supaya mudah untuk you belajar only what you need to know.


Content for Personal Brand

Create better content untuk tonjolkan personal brand, where we’ll cover how to take your own pictures and edit them, how to improve your communication skill when speaking in front of a camera for your videos and also how to write your caption with emotion & personality.


Brand Advancement

Strategies to strengthen your personal brand. We will cover a lot on trust, strategies to increase trust and how to sell with ease. We’ll end with a magnetic personal brand key indicator to help you maintain the effectiveness of your personal brand.

Takut nak tunjuk muka, takut takde orang nak tengok

I start awal-awal dulu dengan 3k follower je, and I try study pasal wedding untuk start buat sharing. Mula-muka I takut nak bercakap depan orang, takut tersalah cakap and takut nak bagi pendapat. Tapi lepas habis kelas, I terus apply dan practice untuk bercakap. Now, follower Fotobyhan dah 17.2k and dah tak malu nak sharing or record dekat public.

Wani @fotobyhan.photography

Wedding Photographer

Why online course?

This is a self-paced program, dimana you boleh belajar mengikut masa you sendiri. Tak perlu commit untuk attend seminar secara live berjam-jam.

Setiap lesson I create mengikut flow yang tersusun dan tajuk yang berbeza. Ini untuk memudahkan you belajar dan take action.

You boleh refer berkali-kali untuk ulang kaji bila-bila masa.

Available for IOS apps, so boleh tengok kat phone anytime you rasa nak study

Instagram Growth Mastery



RM 997


RM 897


RM 697

View tak viral, tapi sale masuk hari2

Sebelum ni, I main buat je contentasalkan ada. Sekarang ni, I belajar relatekan content dengan bisnes. I apply kat IG & tiktok ikut teknik yang Keret ajar.

Kat Tiktok, follower 27k naik ke 40k within 2 months. Kat IG, view reel takde lah viral, tapi setiap hari ada customer baru yang membeli tanpa henti. Ni luar biasa!

Kat Tiktok pun berjaya jana income affiliate RM1000 setiap minggu.

Adilla @adilla_azizan

Leader House of Skincare

Bertahun-tahun stuck kat 3k and now dah naik 8k

After join PBM last year, account dah start grow and engagement pun makin bertambah. Lagi-lagi time puasa Kalin buat campaign 30 Hari 30 Canva Yezza, dari situ my personal branding dah start naik dan makin ramai nampak content Kalin. Best part is bila boleh convert to money. Dah start dapat jemputan dari university besar macam UITM,USM, & UKM. One of my biggest achievement is dapat client from oversea (Singapore & Brunei).  Bertahun tahun stuck dekat 3k follower je, lepas Kalin follow apa yang Keret ajar, in less than 1 year follower dah naik sampai 8k++

Kalin @itskalin_

Canva Guru

I get it, maybe you terfikir... “Can I really do this? Will it work for me?"

Bila you buat business, you need sales, betul tak? Sales tu datang dari traffic of potential customers. Dari mana potential customer atau leads tu datang?

Macamana stranger di luar sana nak tahu kewujudan you?

Option 1 – Spend kat iklan untuk bina awareness supaya potential customer nampak kewujudan you dan product you

Option 2Leverage content marketing untuk cari potential follower dan customer you supaya you dapat bina know like and trust so that you can grow your business

If you dah buat content, tapi still tak dapat result, there must be something to improve, kan?

If competitor you boleh grow dalam IG, dapat customer secara consistent, kenapa you tak boleh, betul tak?

Creating better content with proper strategy can help you bring more traffic to your account on continuous basis.

Which one is a better option for you? Letak effort kat content yang sama tapi tak generate any tangible result, ataupun buat invest now and create better content that can reach more people dan kuatkan branding you di Instagram.

Imagine this...

Before joining IGM:

After implementing what you've learnt in IGM:

Disclaimer: You will get the result ONLY if you give your time and effort to learn, take action and make continuous improvement. This will not happen if you didn’t put it the work yourself to get it.

Still on the fence?

I get it, maybe you dah pernah beli program lain sebelum ni, but you rasa macam sikit sangat input yang you dapat.

And you’re not even sure if this program is worth your time and investment.

Here’s what my students have to say:

“Dah tak payah post 6X sehari. Walaupun tak post banyak macam dulu, reach i naik 228% dan engagement naik 49% dalam masa sebulan”


"I join keret masa follower 7k dan sakarang dah 12.3k lepas apply semua yang Keret ajar."


“Support group yang sangat2 helpful, Walaupun I silent reader je. Module yang step by step dan mudah untuk faham. l mula dengan follower 300+ dan dah naik ke 1000+ lepas apply module IGM.”


"Mudah untuk I focus belajar sebab lesson video pendek2, cara keret explain sangat energetic dan clear! Paling best sebab semuanya pre recorded lesson, dapat refer semula untuk ulangkaji banyak kali.”



Have a Question?

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Course ni hanya perlu bayar 1 kali sahaja dan you dapat access semua material selama 12 bulan. You juga akan dapat access updated material tanpa additional charge. 

 You boleh access selama setahun dari tarikh pembelian.

Yes. You boleh belajar at your own pace dan boleh ulang banyak kali, anytime you nak.

Total module Content Strategy adalah 12 jam dan module Personal Brand adalah 10 jam. Setiap lesson sangat padat, so take your time to go through each lesson.  I sarankan untuk habiskan module dalam masa 8 minggu

Semua lesson adalah recorded material. So you boleh ulang banyak kali dan study anytime you nak.

Untuk package GOLD & PLATINUM, sesi masterclass or live training adalah menerusi zoom.

Package IGM PLATINUM akan dapat continuous support sepanjang setahun menerusi IGM Circle Community Group di Telegram.

Online course ni di website. You akan dapat email untuk access course tersebut selepas buat bayaran. You juga boleh tengok menerusi Teachable apps for Iphone

Link yang diberi hanya boleh digunakan untuk 1 orang sahaja. Tak boleh share dengan orang lain. Unregistered email will be deleted without notice.

Disebabkan ini adalah digital product, tiada refund akan diberikan atas sebarang sebab.

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