Hi, this is session 1 of Passion to Action Podcast with Keret Meraki as an intro,you’ll get to know who’s the host, aka me and what this show will be about and why I created this show. I’m trying to be clear as possible so that you can also clear on why you should tune in to our future session.

First off, I’m just gonna clarify my name so that this is out the window, no more guessing lol. My real name is Syafiqah but I’ve been called Keret since I was 16 years old.  Yes! Turned out, Syafiqah was such common name in my batch, that there were more than 5 Syafiqah. So, most of us Syafiqah had other nickname, you know, to differentiate us all.

Well, so why Keret? Which is fancy name for carrot, ie. lobak merah. As fancy as it sound, i don’t eat vege, like at all, except for carrot. So yeah, that’s how easy to decide my nickname back then. I don’t eat sayur, lol. Super lame i know i know, but the name somehow stuck and become a part of my identity, until now.

Let’s talk work, shall we? I have a job, nothing fancy, but i graduated in Mechanical Engineering and became an engineer (so fancy) and now working for a property developer. I always wanted to do anything else other than that though, so I’m also a part time makeup artist, among other things. You can read more about me here.

Now, as and intro, i guess i should tell you the purpose of this website, or the podcast.

As someone who has a personal brand, i wanted to share my journey in learning how to create a personal brand for myself on social media. You know, how we can actually make our passion (be it photography, makeup, organization stuff, etc), as part of our personal brand. 

Everyone want to do doing things that they love, and sometimes they didn’t see how to make that as their revenue. That’s one of the reason why I created this podcast. I wanted this podcast to inspire people to make changes in their lives by taking one little actionable step at a time.

Especially if you’re been in the same position almost everyday of your life, and you’re already in your comfort zone, so it’s kinda hard to realize how little adjustment you made can slowly help you live the life you want. I wanted to inspire people to become more intentional in their life.

There’s a quote by Tony Robbins which is “ All personal breakthroughs begin with change in belief”. That means you just have to believe in yourself enough to have your own personal breakthrough. And I’m here to help you do just that.

Truthfully, i get so interested in personal branding as you can see so clearly how much social influence can actually benefit you as a business owner, making it my mission to help you figure it out. 

Ahh, i guess i also need to clarify that my podcast will be in Bahasa Melayu. Trust me guys, I put alot of thinking into this one. I
figured that as much as I wanted it to be in English, I myself prefer in Bahasa Melayu. During my learning journey, sometimes when i listen or read stuff in English, there are always things that I did’t understand. I did my intro in English though, and i just love it, dont you?

So i thought that i really wanted to inspire people in a way that you can easily consume my content and understand simply what I’m trying to say or share. In other word, I want you to resonate with what I’m talking about and take action to build the life you wanted.

Another thing that bother me with our culture, we learned and succeeded but hardly alot of people willing to share their roadmap to success for free. Easiest example is most makeup artist wont even share what product they used to make the skin extra glowy, unless you join their makeup class, which i think is ridiculous as we are living in information age where you can get knowledge everywhere.

That’s why i want to share every little details in my journey that i think can help inspire you to take action and help you be able to develop your brand as well.

This is a learning podcast.

It’s where you can learn, take note and grow together with me.

There are few categories that will be touch inside my website and podcast which are on personal development, branding strategy for yourself and your brand and also online education(coz I’m nuts about it).

I  hope we can have so much fun together. I hope that I get to serve you with a lot of actions step that can actually help you and your business. Nothing would make me happier if you can benefit even just one little things in any of our session and help move you closer toward your goal. So take care! And don’t forget to live your life be more intentional than yesterday. I’ll see you in the next episode next week.

Ohh, BTW, you can also subscribe to my podcast through Itunes or Stitcher