Do you provide any kind of service to people? Makeup artist, photographer, wedding planner, event organizer, consultant, business strategist, this episode is for you. It’s time to build your personal brand if you’re looking to scale, get more client, and build trust.

Personal brand is all about having your own voice and face as your brand. Personality matters, especially now. People care who their talking to, or doing business with.

Yes yes, it’s about the same as influencer, but let’s spin it around and call it social influence instead.

It’s about the ability to influence people who know, like and trust you. 

Why do we need to develop personal brand for ourselves?

Almost everyone who has the possibility of needing your service are on social media, whether it’s Intagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

And, they are alot of people doing the same thing as you, it’s kinda hard to stand out. So why does your target customer need to buy from you? or take your service instead of other guy?

Simple, because they know, like and trust you.

But how do we do that? How do we make they know, like and trust us? Thats why you need to develop your personal brand So that they know who are you, what are you selling, and why they should trust you.

It’s all comes down to you telling them clearly your USP (unique selling point). They need to know right off the bat, how awesome, fun, relatable you are. Or maybe you actualize specialize in something, at the best at it. But no one will know unless you put it out there.

And once you gained social influence, you are changing life of those people. Then, the possibility to scale and serve more people will start to unravel.

In order to start developing your personal brand, you gotta be clear on who’s your target audience. Because one thing you should be clear now, personal brand is not about you. It’s about who are you serving. 

Next, you gotta decide when you wanna show up at. Well, i mean show up online. on social media. Jenna Kutcher once said that social media is like shaking hand. We met, we get to know each other, we enjoyed each other, then we will trust you enough to buy/get what you offered.

How to start building your personal brand?

You gotta figure out what values you hold and focus on giving a lot of values, knowledge, inspiration to your target audience.

We want them to trust us enough that they’re willing to share our content. That why we gotta give a lot of values.

I’ll end my note here with these. Focus on documenting your journey. Personal brand is after all, personal. People follow you, because they like your content, and enjoy how you deliver that content. And find your tribe.

Till next time, sayang!