How hard is it to achieve your goals? Well, listing down goals are easy enough. Especially during new year. You know, that new year resolutions that you listed down every year, but didn’t really managed to achieve all of them. But why? Why is it so hard to achieve our goal?

I can’t tell you how many times I set a goal to lose weight, or to stop eating junk food, but didn’t managed to achieve that? You know what’s wrong with that kind of goals? It lacks clarity! Meaning, it’s just not clear enough.

That’s the first take away in this episode, clarity about what you really want. And then, a roadmap, a clear road map that can get you from this, to that. It’s simple as it sound. Sometime we put out some random goals that was not specific enough that can motivate us into taking action. 

So what do you do first? Paint a clear picture of when you achieve that goal. What would you feel when you get there. How do you look? What are you doing? 

Well, now that you know what you really really want, you can start thinking about some steps that you can take that can move you towards your goal. The list doesn’t have to be perfect, and you can change and update it along the way. Don’t put too much thought into this. You just need to know few key things and figure the rest out along the way.

Okay the 3rd step is being super aware of what you are currently doing. I mean, related to your goals. Because there must be something that you already doing now. Just list everything so that you can review each of them properly later.

Finally, you gonna have to look at both list that you already laid out, things that you should do and things you already been doing. And now all you have to do is see if everything that you’ve been doing now is actually moving you forward or not. If it’s not, stop doing that. and start incorporating some things that you should be doing (again, refer to your list).

I know it’s pretty basic and all is common sense. But common sense is not common practice. So hope you do this exercise and hope it can gives you clarity on move forward towards your target.

See you in the next post.